Scott Nordheimer: Great Washington DC Development Frontier

Very few of you must have heard about the name Scott Nordheimer. Scott lives happily with his family in Wiota Street in Los Angeles. Having lived to a good age, He is a man worth crediting and celebrating for much more achievements he has actively involved himself in resulting into bigger progress to many business developments  particularly in the real estate sector. Not only business that only benefits largely the owners but he has also engaged in many community-building programs to help the whole community arise to better development.

Mr. Scott has since 1998, the year Urban Atlantic new business development was formed, guided it with a lot of concern and desire to see the business improve even to better heights of what level is at as per today. As the great man in the Urban Atlantic,he has managed a lot for the development and the progress of the business and a guiding force to over $6Billion for Development and Investment Origination for major development plans in the business sector around the District of Colombia.

Associated with several development activities, Mr. Nordheimer has actively taken part in a number building plans for the people and the community. He has been a member of the businesses Strategic Planning Committee. He has been responsible for Private and Public relationships at the same time as Community Stakeholder in the District of Colombia for major real estate investment and strategy planning for the benefit of the people and the community at large.

Greatness is seen in one’s deeds not for personal gain but for a bigger population. In his philanthropic efforts, Scott Nordheimer has achieved a greater good that is worth acknowledging by the people in and outside the Washington DC area.