Queefing Can Be A Stress But Here Are Some Bath Bombs To Sort Your Romantic Evenings.

Girls, I got your back! First, congratulations you have managed to move in with your man after many dates that have lasted for a while now. Now you are sharing space but the queefing doesn’t seem to notice that you are no longer alone. Well, don’t let such unavoidable moments ruin you hot organic bath with your boyfriend, cover it up and smile all the way. He will not notice, not with this amazing bath bombs that have your queefing covered.

  1. Yoga bomb

You can predict the times your surprise quiver happen more frequently, maybe after your pees or after doing a certain exercise, you know your body better. When you feel that the fart will happen, throw in this bath yoga bomb somewhere close to the diva cup and let it do its business from there. if he knows some bit of yoga, the topic might change to yoga because that’s what will come in his mind after it explodes, not the bubbles coming from the released gas, because it is all covered.

  1. Root Beer Float

When your bathroom scent is the same as root beer, nothing will easily destruct the mood. Add more destruction like tell ask him about his baseball games because probably his grandpa used to take him for some root beer after a baseball game. Call it strategy! Anything to hide your surprise guests.

  1. Pomegranate Mini Bath Ice Cream

In the event that your quaffing is so powerful and mighty, go crazy too because you have to share the bath and nothing should ruin the moment. Use the whole bag of mini bombs on each corner of the bathtub. He will walk in surprised of the wild looking bathtub and will not notice the explosions. Say something loud when it has finally arrived to counter the sound. The smell is already taken care off.